Yakitori Yamato Hong Kong At The Oakhill

Yakitori Yamato, located in the heart of Wan Chai. Hailing from Osaka, the popular restaurant channels Japanese wabi-sabi aesthetics to offer an elegant, upscale yakitori experience catering to poultry lovers everywhere. Encompassing 12 guests in main dining rooms and 8 guests in the private VIP room spread across two levels, guests are invited to step into the zen-like atmosphere, savouring a superior yakitori experience built around the charcoal grill and exclusive jidori chickens imported from Japan. 

Founded in Osaka in 2010

The restaurant is spearheaded by Shin Kawaguchi, a Yakitori master with a family background in the chicken meat trade. From a young age, Kawaguchi learned how to prepare, preserve and butcher chickens, gaining a reputation as a chicken ‘shokunin’ (expert artisan) by the age of 20.

In 2001, he opened his first yakitori restaurant, unveiling his patented method of ageing the chicken to enhance its natural umami. He rose to further acclaim in 2010 with the opening of Yakitori Yamato, which entered the “Top 100 Yakitori” list by Tabelog, Japan’s premiere restaurant rating site.

Brings its signature 150-days free-range Nara ‘jidori’ chicken to here

Discover the premium taste of free-range jidori chickens from Nara; bred for 150 days, the “Yamato Niku Dori” is coveted by chefs for its slightly chewy texture, rich flavour and natural umami. At the heart of the restaurant is the charcoal grill, which utilises top-quality Japanese Kishu Bincho charcoal, famed for its ability to impart a distinct aroma at searingly hot temps. Specially designed by Kawaguchi, the charcoal stove is divided into three layers—the unique design key to ensuring the optimal level of doneness tailored to specific parts of the bird. Seasonal vegetables, meanwhile, are baked with the hot embers and ash, imparting a smokey aroma while keeping the produce moist and tender. 

Welcome to your new home for yakitori, where the pleasures of perfectly cooked poultry await.
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